An upgraded bathroom has many features. Be it a more comfortable & enjoyable relaxation space, or larger shower space that allows for multiple shower heads, a built-in seat and in many cases designs without shower doors and thresholds  which look more contemporary and will be easier for people to use as they get older. Bathrooms have moved from a utilitarian room to a room of luxury and self-pampering. But this is not the only factor for upgrading your bathroom. Homeowners are renovating their kitchen and bathrooms to increase the value of their home and help as a selling feature when that time comes.


Double Sink Vanity

If space allows why not having two sinks in a shared bathroom, one for her, one for him!

double-sink-vanity-2 New-double-sink-vanity double-sink-vanity-3







Introducing Wet Room

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Why not considering a Wet Room?

What is a Wet Room?
In today’s modern bathroom the trend is moving toward a wet room. This is an environment that space is dedicated to your shower area mostly for master bathroom. The tub is becoming a thing of the past. If space permits, tubs can always be added especially for families with kids.

wetroom-afterWet room is a frame-less shower without having a door. Glass, mosaic tiles and stones are the common material for creating a safe and modern Wet room.

The look of your wet room can be designed to the individual taste. The enjoyment of creating your own specialized wet room can be part of the personalized renovation experience. There is a large variety of options available that can be suited to your unique preferences.

Why having a Wet Room?
Wet rooms are the latest trends for master bathrooms. Simply stylish, they are the answer to a less cluttered and more enjoyable life style. Floor to ceiling tiled, you walk in and walk out of a simple shower without worrying about wetting the floor around the shower.

Large, airy showers!
The trends are moving towards a more open and airy showering space with heavier glass and even including a tiled bench to enjoy the cascade of the water flowing over your body.

Following a European trend, some homeowners are removing the entire enclosure, be it glass, partial shower walls, etc. 

Creating a quite space! Jacuzzis may be becoming of a thing of the past. Preferences of today move towards soaker tubs, if you choose to have a tub in your bathroom to eliminate the noise of the Jacuzzi and have a more relaxing experience.

Let the light in!
Today, light is a big factor in the bathroom; no longer a dark room to be hidden away. Skylights, windows and energy saving recessed lighting are becoming the preferences to create a more open, bright and pleasant space. In some cases you can turn a small bedroom into a master bathroom with more windows and skylights.


Introducing Steam Room

Discover how wonderful it is to come home after a rush day and indulge yourself in a relaxing heated room to rest your muscles and mind.

Steam rooms provide moist heat from a water generator steam pump piped into the enclosed room. The steam room takes 10-15 minutes to heat up. The temperature in a steam room typically reaches 114 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity of 100 percent.

The benefits:
steam_roomSweating in a Steam room opens the pours and cleanses your outer skin, relaxes your entire body and lowers your pulse and blood pressure and removes salt from your system.

You might have enjoyed saunas or steam rooms in your local gym, but now you can have a steam room in your own home by just reconfiguring your bathroom. After installing the system all you need to do is to switch it on as soon as you get home to enjoy this luxury at your disposal.

The configuration of your bathroom includes:

  • Ceiling adjustment to an angular design to drain condensation
  • Adding a bench or two
  • Floor drainage
  • Waterproof walls and floors using tiles or other products
  • A properly sealed door  

Bathroom Flooring