With over 20 years experience in Interior Remodeling and Interior Design, Interactive Remodeling has been designing and improving the quality of many living spaces in the US and Canada.

Why you should hire us:

Interactive Remodeling with its dedicated and professional team brings decades of experience and high standards to all their projects. Big or small, quality is promised at every level.

Here are a few reasons why we are suitable for your renovation and remodeling project:

•    We have 20 years of experience in renovations and remodeling
•    We strive to achieve your vision within your budget
•    We have eyes for design and passion for excellence
•    We work with only the best craftsman and tradespeople, overseeing all steps along the way, to ensure that you are totally satisfied with our work.
•    We have a professional approach to complete a successful project
•    We are qualified, bonded, licensed, and properly insured (INTERKR878KL)
•    We are responsible and accountable.
•    We have a great reputation for quality and professionalism.

And you don’t have to take our word about us! Check our Testimonial page and see what our clients are saying about us.